Friday, October 10, 2008

Climate folly in North Carolina

Here we go. I'm from the governement and I'm here to help you. Please spare us from the buraucrats. According to this article (do your fact checking) the climate alarmists are sold on "Green jobs" Here's a key quote. The "swine" in the text is a reference to to the "pork barrel" nature of this stuff.
Here’s what the swine left on the CAPAG collar: a projection that the state would realize 15,000 new jobs, $565 million in “employee and proprietor income,” and $302 million in gross state product by 2020. Compare that to what the Beacon Hill Institute, who analyzed CAPAG’s recommendations for the Locke Foundation earlier this year, found: “By 2011, the state would shed more than 33,000 jobs, annual investment would drop by about $502.4 million, real disposable income by more than $2.2 billion, and real state Gross Domestic Product by about $4.5 billion.” So I guess the question boils down to, whose analysis do you believe: a political science graduate student’s or PhD economists’?

This "Green Job" meme is a ruse to legitimize fleecing the tax payer Here is another link to an article about Hillary Clinton's push in that direction. Editorials, Political Cartoons, and Polls from Investor's Business Daily -- Hillary's Green Elixir
Money quote:
"I do believe the green-collar job piece of this is important," she said in Monday's debate. "That's why I have $5 billion to do it."

"We could put hundreds and hundreds of young people to work right now, putting solar panels in, insulating homes," Clinton gushed. "That would give them jobs, and it would move us more quickly to a green economy."

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