Saturday, April 11, 2009

Surrender Monkey!!

I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one catching on to the "Words have meaning" illusion. Imagine your local town. There's an armed robbery of the civic center. Hostages are taken and the robbers are cruising up and down the streets drinking, firing their weapons and honking their horns. The local news anchor reports on this: "The mayor has issued a strong condemnation and is appealing to the the city counsel to pass new legislation to prevent further incidents. The sheriff has dispatched the 2 new ( stimulus funded) cruisers to the area as a show of strength but will not commit to engaging his personnel in a direct conflict. The city attorney's office is reviewing statutes to determine legally acceptable actions. Mayors of local towns have issued statements condemning the act and pledging logistical and recovery support when the threat level has subsided. A spokesman for the Kumbaya society stated that the town had only itself to blame for the incident given its blind eye to the plight of the disenfranchised elements of society.
Unthinkable! ridiculous! What a bunch of pantywaist, surrender monkeys!

Read this and tell me the difference. Words have NO MEANING if you can't or won't back them up.

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