Monday, May 18, 2009

Let's Hear it for the Hoosiers!!

I wish we had more leaders like Governor Mitch Danials of Indiana. Read his post in the WSJ. "Governor says No Thanks to Cap and Trade"

Here's a teaser quote but please read the whole thing:

Politicians in Washington speak of a reawakened appreciation for manufacturing and American competitiveness. But under their policy, those who make real products will suffer. Already we observe the piranha swarm of green lobbyists wangling special exemptions, subsidies and side deals. The ordinary Hoosier was not invited to this party, and can expect at most only table scraps at the service entrance.

He refers to the actions in Washington as being Imperialists and I agree. They are out of touch and more interested in serving the special interest groups that got them elected. When was the last time your interest was served? Oh I forgot it was when the king threw some coins to the crowd as he drove by ( tax deduction for 95% of Americans). TAX Deductions - the ultimate Power to manipulate the unwashed masses they have been exploiting for years.
WE ARE NOT BEING SERVED. What more proof do you need when you can clearly see that this insanity not only destroys our economy but does NOT SIGNIFICANTLY affect the Global Temperature.

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