Monday, June 1, 2009

Global Warming Profiteering - Started with Enron

Enron is a word that gets attention so I include it in the title. Larry Solomon provides a brilliant piece of "Investigative Journalism" in this Financial Post article - Enron's other secret -on how Enron recognized the profiteering potential wheeling and dealing in Climate Management. If only stuff like this could compete with Oprah, Dr. Phil and Brad and Angelina!!! If it ever does and the masses catch on ...
This is a first in a series of articles that promise to systematically unfold the layers that hid who is profiteering from Global Warming.
In the quote below he shows the brilliant strategy to enlist scientists needed to legitimize the theory and to ele vate their postion in a way that would marginalize any scientists who disagree,..
The groundwork had been laid well, not least by entering into relationships with scientists who, Enron expected, would further its cause (James Hansen, the scientist who more than any other is responsible for bringing the possibility of climate-change catastrophe to the public, was among the scientists Enron commissioned). Just as shrewdly, Enron saw the importance in silencing the scientists who didn’t accept the alarmism that had driven the Kyoto Protocol. In a 1998 letter, Enron CEO Ken Lay, among others, asked president Clinton to appoint a bi-partisan “Blue-Ribbon Commission” designed to pronounce on the science and, in effect, marginalize the skeptics.

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