Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Central planning & Spending Binges

Here's an example of how good central government planners can spend money. Check out Bejing after the $43B "investment" in the Olympics.
Source article in Coyote Blog
Multiple skyscrapper buildings unoccupied
Only one event (an opera) in the 91,000 seat Bird's nest stdium since the games

No problem, the gov't has the solution, tear it down and build shopping malls.

Do you ever wonder what it must be like to sit in on the meetings when central planners plan? Especially when they are told money is no object.

By the way, $43B didn't seem like that much!! It would have boggled my mind 6 months ago. When I was a kid I would pick up a penny if I saw it, today it takes being silver colored. I don't know what gives now that M's and even B's are rounding errors for central planners given access to the T's.