Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fear mongering

I guess you only notice this fear mongering after you've experienced it enough times. The link I provide relates to the Global Warming hype but the concept of fear mongering is all around us, most notably the fear mongering our president is spreading about the coning economic catastrophe. Since bad news sells expect it to continue. It also provides another convenient sandbox for the politicians to play in to show us how much they care while they craft a new LAW to solve it. It could almost be funny except when you consider what depths the stakeholders (media, politicians, solution providers, etc) will go to to keep the fear going. Nothing is sacred when you see them indoctrinating the "children".
My Dad used to say KISS - keep it simple, stupid. He was trying to impart a little bit of the wisdom he had accumulated over the years which by the way included a real Depression, 3 wars, a 30 year career, lifetime commitment to my mother and raising 4 kids. He read me stories when I was a toddler. The one that comes to mind now is Chicken Little and the Sky is Falling. Seems like something we should all read again.

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