Friday, June 25, 2010

On the "Doc Fix" - What were they thinking????

This is a classic example of how perverted the governing class has become. The original "Doc fix" as I understand was to save money in Medicare by a series of cuts to the reimbursement rates paid to Doctors. When passed it looked like the government was seriously trying to reduce the costs in the program. How they got this passed is a mystery when you consider the savings meant the doctors take the hit.
The perversion comes in when you look at how it has been managed ever since. Each year the congress has waived the "Doc fix' thus saving (to the rescue) the doctors but also negating the savings to the program.
In my view this is perversion They are using this issue like a control button to manage public sentiment. The CBO financial scoring for the recently passed "Obamacare" assumed the savings from the "Doc fix". That gave Congress the cover to stand up in front of us and say the bill would save money. The CBO had to use this assumption because it is the current law. Now, as we approach the midterm elections they let the the "Doc Fix" happen so that they can be seen as reducing spending. Every year they play the options based on political considerations. What's best for the country be damned.

Just a thought.

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