Friday, January 23, 2009

Priorities - Pew Poll

Recent poll (see graph below)showing where we are on priorities.
Read the details here
Note where my pet project ranks: Dead Last. Somehow I don't think this will stop congress from taking care of the Green lobby. At a minimum we will see Cap & Trade on co2.
This will be sold on the necessity of us taking a "Leadership" role in the world. They will impose hefty fees on Utilities and energy intensive industries that use conventional fuels (which will be passed on to the consumer which last time I checked that is us). A whole new bureaucracy will be set up (think a Enron style brokerage, more middlemen taking their cut) to buy and sell carbon credits. It will encourage scams posing as carbon neutral or carbon offsets that can be sold (think planting trees that you would probably plant anyway but now getting $'s because they absorb co2) and LASTLY, the money collected will go into the hands of congress to be dispersed as they see fit (think earmarks with a capitol E). With all these rent seekers I don't think opinion will count.

Also note where Tax cuts come in. Not surprising when you consider the role of people that actually pay income tax is dwindling.

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