Saturday, January 31, 2009

You Make the Call

For my 100th post I decided to revisit the Financial Market. There are lots of ways to gauge the overall sentiment of the people. The simplest is your own sentiment and how you perceive your universe with the information you have at hand. In other words, You make the call. Of course you may be in the depths of despair while just around the corner they are dancing in the streets. Opinion polls abound but these can be influenced by bias from methods, motives and opinions of the pollsters. Some are better than others, but that really doesn't matter because very smart people can find ways to prop them up or shoot them down. In other words, You make the call.

I personally like the financial markets.

Note the inflection points are Election day and the day the stimulus plan passed.

Do you believe in Obama and his ability to lead us into a great recovery? Possibly, go down in history likened to FDR leading us out of the Great Depression.

I am personally making the call it will follow the green line (I guess I should have used a red line)

It MIGHT turn up around 7000(Link to my previous post on Dow at 7000). I use MIGHT because I'm not sure our leadership really GET IT, and even worse, has never managed an organization of any size before!

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