Thursday, January 22, 2009

Responsibility - Lost but not forgotten!!

Planet Moran had a humorous twist on O's "responsibility" theme:

"What is required is a new era of responsibility." Well, not responsibility for your own health care, the government will set up a program for that. Or responsibility for your own financial obligations. The government will take care of that, too.
No, this is more the kind of responsibility where you’re responsible for everyone else’s health care, and everyone else’s financial problems. You know, that kind of responsibility

The whole "responsibility" thing irritates me. It's the "Nanny state" thing. The elites at the top (which includes the people driven to the inauguration and seated in the front) understand that the rest of us (the ones who had to walk in or take the bus) are unwashed and misguided. Let the king declare that we must start behaving and fall in line.
I don't consider myself unique in this area but I have been conducting myself responsibly for a LONG time.
Yes, it is a good message for those of us who don't behave responsibly but is it necessary to manage that kind of behavior from the Oval Office? In fact most of people who probably needed to hear this were watching American Idol

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