Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Global Warming Story - Comedy or Tragedy - Good story in any case

I have been watching the Anthropomorphic Global Warming (anthropor... = fancy word for man made) story unfold for years now. It all started for me in 1997/98 when the US senate voted down "Kyoto" The Climate treaty framed by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. The senate voted 95-0 against adopting the treaty. Al Gore, VP to Clinton at the time attended the treaty. He has been on the AGW bandwagon since 1988 when James Hansen (NASA scientist) predicted pending catastrophe to Congress, due to emissions of co2 , primarily due to fossil fuel emissions beginning in the Industrial revolution.
As time has gone by I realize I am witness to a classic dramatic story unfolding. We are in the tail end of the "Falling Action" phase and rapidly approaching the "Denouement". You got to hand it to Gore. the 95-0 smack down was pretty dramatic; follow that with a squeaker loss in the 2000 election and whoa Nellie we got a twice scorned and really pissed off Protagonist. That 2000 election has my vote for the "Climax" of the story.

I love a good story so putting the AGW in this light helps me deal with it, albeit the solace I get is small compared to the eventual pain we will soon realize when we enter the "Denouement" phase of this story when our most competent leadership passes "Cap n Trade". Alas I have already cast this story as "Comedy" a favorable outcome for the protagonist.

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