Monday, March 16, 2009

Your "RIGHTS" - a reminder

Thanks to Coyote Blog for this post. I think it is helpful to hit the reset button once in a while on the fundamentals. In this post he reminds us what the Founder's intended regarding our ""Rights". They don't flow from the government or exist because you are a citizen. He correctly points out the fallacy of the argument that illegal immigrants or enemy prisoners don't have "Rights". I agree with him even though it frustrates the effort to enforce some of our laws. No one said any of this would be easy.
A teaser quote below but I recommend you read the post and check out the Coyote yourself.

Interestingly, most Conservatives would say that they agree with this proposition, that rights flow from our humanity and not from the government. They would also generally oppose government licensing of all sorts of activities. But here we have a case where conservatives are arguing that not only some limited commerce rights, but the full package of civil rights, are lost without a certain piece of paper from the government.

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