Monday, March 9, 2009

"Its all about how we should be governed and about how we should live"

Quote from columnist George Will, of the Washington Post regarding his opinions on manmade global warming. See complete interview here. The takeaway points I got:

Why everyone believes there is a problem:
people sign on to be alarmed because it's socially responsible ... (and because it makes them feel good). But once they get to the price tag, once they are asked to do something about it, like pay trillions of dollars, they begin to re-think.

Who are the enablers in spreading the fear:
I've never seen anything quite like this in my now 40 years in
Washington. I've never seen anything like the enlistment of the mainstream media in a political crusade --
What's different now is that we have a media addicted to hysteria

Why the current governing class embraces the problem:
But what it also always offers, whether it is global cooling or global warming, is a rationale for the government to radically increase its supervision of our life and our choices. Whether the globe is cooling, whether it's warming, the government's going to be the winner and the governing class will be the winner.

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