Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Top 10 reasons Obamacare is based on false information

I've inserted the list below. Go to this source for some excellent analysis that challenges each item on the list and gives you more insight. The assumption by our political leaders is all they have to do is keep repeating an assertion and we will take it as the truth. Are you feeling manipulated yet? Why don't Katie, Charlie , and Brian give us this analysis? They will all be in Europe next week with Obama "... adding their high-wattage spotlight to what is already shaping up as a major media extravaganza. " Link for that event

George Bernard Shaw warned “Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance.” The major overhaul of American health care pursued by President Obama and his supporters is based on many false premises and is excessive and likely to do more harm than good. Tuning up and improvements already always dynamically occurs. Instead, ObamaCare is aimed at dramatically changing one-sixth of the US economy in ways that are untested or tested and found wanting, primarily involving huge increases in government direction of health care.
The details of ObamaCare are largely being left to Congress, the same body that stuffs the federal budget with earmarks, waste, and other programs that are not requested. ObamaCare is premised on claims for drastic changes in health care and major increases in government programs being necessary. Those claims are largely specious.
Below, the top ten specious premises for ObamaCare are discussed:

  • 1. Comparing US Health Care To Other Developed Countries
  • 2. US Health Care Spending Is More Than We Can Afford
  • 3. Reform Overhaul Will Yield Major Savings
  • 4. Increased Evidence-Based Medicine And Health Information Technology Will Significantly Improve Care and Reduce Costs
  • 5. Present Administrative Costs And Insurer Profits Are Too High
  • 6. US Consumer Dissatisfaction Requires Drastic Health Care Changes
  • 7. Health Care Costs Are So High They Are A Major Cause Of Personal Bankruptcy
  • 8. The Number Of Uninsured Is So Large That Drastic Health Care Changes Are Necessary
  • 9. More Preventive Care Will Better Serve Consumers And Save Costs
  • 10. Health Care Consumers Are Being Served By Drastic Health Care Changes

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